• Journal of Emerging and Exponential Technologies

    The Journal of Emerging and Exponential Technologies focuses on the advancement of technology of the future including, but not limited to AI, blockchain,  virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. The Journal of Emerging and Exponential Technologies studies the nature of novel technology and expands the uses of these existing technologies through innovative research.

  • Design Thinking Journal

    DTJ is an international peer reviewed journal on Design Thinking and Design Doing. This open source journal is a publication platform that advances human potential through radical design. Its goal is to provide a platform for thinkers, designers, hackers or anyone who applies design thinking to their researches and products. With its base at the d.school at Stanford, DTJ reviews multi-media next generation manuscripts that advance design practice and impact society at scale through radical, collaborative, and innovative design and product.

  • Design Thinking Applied Mathematics

    Design Thinking Applied Mathematics (DTAM) is a peer reviewed publication journal. The journals are designed to break ground by offering recognition to exceptional work from undergraduate and high school thinkers as well as graduate school research. DTAM aims to spread understanding and application of novel applied mathematics in the real world. DTAM focuses on the range of computational mathematics and its applications. Each journal is carefully reviewed by a group of qualified mathematicians to ensure that everything published is both mathematically sound and innovative. In addition, DTAM is designed with an accessible, interesting format, to attract a wide audience.

  • Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Design

    The Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Design aims to act as a platform for projects with the potential to positively impact the Earth's environment. The journal is open to submissions from anywhere but only a select few will the published. Those that are published will enter an extensive review process which will involve peers as well as professionals and pillars of the field. The journal exists in collaboration with the Stanford Design Institution and is based at Woodside Priory Highschool. We believe that great design thinking can originate from all levels of education, our journal is reflective of that belief. Anyone should experience the opportunity to design methods of to contribute to the integrity of the environment, not just those deemed "experts."

  • Drones for Good

    The Drones for Good journal is a place where people who are interested in drones can come together to see the latest in drone technology. The journal is also a place for people to share stories about how drones have impacted their lives.

  • Business and Technology

    The Business and Technology Journal is focused on analyzing the latest uses of technology to help businesses, and vice versa. The Journal is peer-reviewed and open to submissions from scholars around the world. Business and Technology is sponsored by Fiber Internet Center and is partnered with Stanford University's Peace Innovation Lab. We are committed to educating our readers about common business practices and how businesses utilize technology in order to increase their efficiency as we move further into the 21st century.

  • Refugee Journal for Awareness and Aid

    A collection of journals and articles from various writers that provide credible and reliable information on the Refugee Crisis occuring throughout the world. Experience the real and shocking perspectives of researchers and victims of the Refugee Crisis. Discover ways in which to help and make a difference through numerous organizations such as the Helping Hand for Relief and Development and the Caritas. Learn about the different volunteering opportunities to support refugees around the world. 

  • Journal A2I3R

    Journal A2I3R is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary academic research journal featuring posters and personal stories behind the project from high school students. The journal’s headquarter is located at the Palo Alto Unified School District’s Advanced Authentic Research (AAR) program office in Silicon Valley. Journal A2I3R is a collaborative partnership between Stanford University’s Peace Innovation Lab, Graduate School of Education, the Public Knowledge Project and the Designership Institute. Journal A2I3R is committed to amplifying the voices of ALL high school students, while fortifying AAR's three key elements of personalized learning, integration of knowledge, and developing communication skills. In collaboration with Stanford University's long-range planning, AAR strives to fulfill its original vision of nurturing student interest and igniting student passion through real world, hands on research enabling students to explore career pathways.
    Journal A2I3R = Advanced Authentic (Interdisciplinary Inquiry & Innovation) Research

  • Food and Agricultural Organization Rural Empowerment Journal

    The Journal FAORE is a peer review open source multi-media public service journal. FAORE is a quarterly journal with a focus on scholarly public service research and design generated from FAO rural programs, fellowships and collaborations. FAORE contributes to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals through reduction of rural poverty through sustainable rural youth employment, climate actions, agri-food systems, and resilient rural economy with green employment and enterprises. FAORE Publications  will be used for developing national strategies for youth employment, agricultural and rural development, and transition to the Green Economy.

  • Designcare in Health Journal

    Designcare is an international peer-reviewed interdisciplinary teen care scholarly journal inspired by high school students committed to designing the experience of "Care"  for adolescents, teens and young adults globally.  The Journal is a collaborative peace technology platform developed by Silicon Valley High School Students and supported by the  Experiential Design Team during a pilot of the  Summer Institutes, Design as Discovery Peace Innovation Course. Design Care exists to  increase a high level of school connectedness, expectations, academic motivation through high level meaningful peer review design opportunities. Design Care is dynamic and the distinguishing feature is the open access multi-media interactive content which augments the ability for teens to engage powerfully on what matter the most to them.

  • Design Thinking Art Community Building Journal

    Design Thinking Art Community Building Journal (DTCBJ) is a collection of journals depicting the works of accomplished and developing artists who strive to build a community through their work. The journal is open to a wide variety of artistic works including visual arts such as painting, metal work, glass work, ceramics, drawing, carpentry, and CAD. Additionally, the Journal is open to works pertaining to the performing arts.