What to Write About:

Currently, we are working on an issue on Entrepreneur Law and would love for people, if they have the right information, to make a submission with information, discoveries, or opinions on the matter at hand. Be prepared to have it as a showcase article or page on the issue!

About the Founders:

Sean Whalen is a sophomore at Design Tech Highschool with ambitions of being a corporate lawyer. This journal is a reflection of how he feels people should be treated concerning their own beliefs and opinions. One of his main beliefs is the fact that everyone should be treated the same and also that everyone has a right to knowledge and facts. Nobody should project false news and be critizied for their perspective.

Journal Policy:

Keep personal opinions without any evidence at a minimum. If you want to share your opinion back it up with real, hard facts. All information you submit here must be obtain legally or it will be declined. Enjoy the space that we have created here but know that you will have to learn how to maintain it. Racism, Sexism, and anything of that nature is not tolerated.

Goal for this Class:

Our goal for this class with the website and in specific, the issue we are working on, is to create a netting under all these entrepreneurs. We create a backbone to these companies and offer legal support and advice that will help them in the long run.  Our issue will give them valuable information on creating the bussiness legally, getting all the right documents to legally sell and advertise, give them copyright and patent papers and information, and offer them advice if anything goes wrong. We plan to do this because it will give a much needed recourse that most companies have to pay for. We will also get help from a recourse in Law School at Stanford.