This is additional content segment and this will show me how it looks, and not only how it looks, bt also where it is placed and hopefully i write enough to have a few lines, because i do not really know hat this will be doing at the moment and if is.. sorry some of this got cut off by accident


What happens when "I do this style of writing"

why didn't i think o this before?

i mean i did now. Lets check it out!


 note to self, all text next to pictures should be included in picture file there is no wrapping text segment. perhaps look for a  plugin that can make it possible, but for now i believe that it is best to just have it in the picture file 




note to self: there is no way to get a picture to become alligned to the left side. 

also try to look for some sort of formatting issues and some sort of forums or videos that explain formatting issues and how to properly format things. perhapss it is easier to upload a pucture with empty space ion the left hand side, but this will creat a bad issue when the diemntions of the page changes, but lets try it

lets ssee if this will work

it seems to work perfectly, but once the screen gets wider, then we see that it may stay in the middle of the page, but for normal sizes, it is decent. let me show you what i mean


okay , well i guess that it really does work well, but there is an issue when zoomg out.


as it can be seen, the sides take up way too much of the site. i want the center colum to be the main focus of everything, but the sides are the main focus, but what would happen if i were to upload a full high rez picture?

let's see

even with the high resolution picture, the file seems to be imprisoned by the colum's borders. no matter the size, the website will constrain it to keep it within its borders. here is the example


so there has to be  way for user to change the the borders, and also i just notieced that the footer on the bottom of the page changes when zooming out or zooming in. this is clearly not what we want, so we have to start thinking of a new way to design the bottom section. 

also change the search to say journal search, because i get confused, and search there, and it always takes me to the journals, but i am not looking for the journals. so i would say to have two search engines. one for the entire site, and one for academic journals, or have a section where you can select whether you want to search from this website, from the journals, or from the academic journals themselves, or for both.


zooming in and out can be experienced my pressing command + or command - on mac, and i believe control+ or - for windows

one tyhing that i do like out of this program from the many limitations that i do not like is the ability to resize pictures here. making pictures smaller is actually better because it will make the loading faster because the wesbsite has to load in the pictures and google is making a change to show websites that load faster, so that means we should try to upload smaller files. here is a video to see if you would like to learn more


i just made a link. lets see if it works and how.

okay, perfect, the program allows you to have a link and gives the choice of opening on a different tab or in the same window, which i believe is nice.


This is a video feed trial

i will now try to upload a video 

apperently, videos are not able to be placed on this, or not through here. if there is a way, i do not know of it currently.


Now i will be working with html


 " width="500px" height="500px" align="left"

it does not work. let me try something else


 i tried to do it using html but it still seems not to work. maybe i am writing it wrong


This is some text.  alt= This is some text.



This is some text. Smiley faceThis is some text. This is some text. This is some text.... no way, it worked. okay, so this is one way to do it here is the source code

<p>This is some text. <img src="ENTER SOURCE HERE" alt="Smiley face" width="42" height="42" style="float:right">This is some text. This is some text. This is some text.</p>

now i will be doing the same thing, but i think that i will try to resize the image and see if the height and width actually work, or if i would have to have to resize it outside.



This is some text. Smiley faceThis is some text. This is some text. This is some text.... no way, it worked. okay, so this is one way to do it here is the source code






Okay, so i looked at the site, and i saw that it did not really look like how i made it, so i decided that i would upload a picture of how it looks like here.