About this Journal

Moonshot Journal is the first of it's kind. Moonshot will essentially be a showcase of middle school work around the globe. Our journals will include work from middle schools all over the globe. Students will be able to personally take credit for their work, as well as give ideas to other students. We are hoping that by making this journal, we will inspire middle schoolers to be more creative and innovative. Moonshot is a way for younger students to show off their work. Despite the fact that many middle schools have a main focus on art, it is usually high schools that end up publishing their work. Students will write a report on work that they found interesting or challenging, they might add pictures, or a diagram as well. We want all middle school students to feel like they have the ability to share their work with the world. 

Founder and Executive Director, Aaliya Vasudevan

Aaliya is a design scholar at the Woodside Priory(lower school division) in Silicon Valley California and she founded the International Journal Moonshot.  Her passion for making a global impact through responsible design and design excellence inspired her founding of the journal Moonshots.  Priory's mission is to "assist all students in creating meaningful and balanced lives, developing as lifelong learners and stewards, and productively serving a world in need of their gifts." In advancing this mission, Moonshots exists to serve as a platform that allows middle school students to serve the world through their gifts through peer review journal publications.