Computing pedagogy is a social impact peer reviewed scholarly journal designed to highlight innovative concepts, products and processes for a diverse tech community. Computing pedagogy will focus on research based instructional strategies for facilitating computer science education and exists to close existing opportunity gaps in scholarly peer review on computing and pedagogy. This pioneering journal will highlight emerging pedagogies on  computing app developments and learnings from innovative and inclusive programs that focus on making tech work for everyone. CP creates an empowering context in STEM and computing pedagogy and is inspired by instructors at the Make School in Oakland and Stanford University International Institutes to level the playing field globally. CP is an international journal norming a fast and diverse peer review process for students and practioners of computing and computing pedadogy in traditionally underrerpresented scholarly spacess. Computing Pedagogy is an Open Journal System with a key focus to increase access to tech and STEM education for all by providing facilitators and instructors of computer programming with the necessary tools while amplifying the voice of a diverse and global student body.