Journal EPIC is a pioneering peer review Journal and is designed to empower elementary students throughout the whole world. Epic will publish work that is created by elementary school students globally. 

EPIC values all submissions including art, interactive media, written expression among others. This Journal is the first of its kind and we are excited to have elementary school students begin peer reviewing work at an early stage and we are looking forward to all the epic inspiring and innovative concepts that this Open Journal System.

Our epic editorial team is always looking for ways to effectively empower elementary students globally through peer review and our goal is to have elementart schools to have access to peer review publication.


Hello, my name is Diya and I just finished 5th grade at La Entrada middle school and next year will be going to Woodside Priory. I got inspired to Do this elemetry journal when Freedom cheteni, my tutor invited me to come see what the high school and middle school journals were like. I saw their presentations and listened to John Willinsky the founder of OJS (Open Journal Systems) talk about how there wasn't an elemntry journal done yet. EVER! I had to think about it for a while then started coming up with all these crazy idea about the logo and what schools would partcipate and how I could get publications and then I had started the EPIC journal. We even got our own logo thanks to SAM VASQUEZ of San Francisco State University