In the last ten years, emerging technologies such as social media, wearable devices and mobile phones have transformed how people behave and interact with each other at scale. Most notably, some of these persuasive technologies have been transformed into peace technologies by democracy activists, governments and individuals to positively change the way people relate to each other and to their governments. This hands on course will examine the mechanics and dynamics of behavior design, persuasive technology and the application of behavioral psychology to explore the concepts of peace innovation and design thinking. The class will include guest speakers from the fields of innovation, design thinking, behavior design, persuasive technology and conflict resolution. Students will identify conflict issues in their communities that can be positively affected through a scalable behavior change app or technology. Students will learn and apply behavioral psychology, opportunity mapping, behavior design, persuasive technology, rapid prototyping, and data analytics in the development of their peace tech applications. Students will complete a group project, with an emphasis on prototyping, peer feedback and iterative design.

Published: 2017-07-27