Care Architects Engineering World Cooperation (CAEWC)  is an international peer review journal which focuses of designing "CARE."  We define the distinction "care architect" broadly and the grounding of this journal is the idea of "care" in all elements of design. CAEWC publishes multi-media peer review content on  how technology and emerging social behaviors and insights are promoting new paths to global peace and coorperation. Care authors include middle, secondary, undergraduate, graduate and professionals alike.

CARE is an international peer reviewed journal with a focus on designing for world cooperation. The journal's cornerstone is framed around care engineering and "architects of care" is broad in scope and context. We encourage any care engineer to integrate care in designing for a world. CARE creates and develops frameworks, methods and curricula, rooted in the disciplines of peace studies, behavior design, moonshot thinking, and persuasive technology. CARE exists to empower and guide students and practitioners to moonshot think and build products, services, and enterprises that increase collaboration in the world.

CARE research and interests ought to create impactful world leaders and designers  through designership and design principles. We accept and peer review innovative multi-media work submitted by scholars, designers, professionals and any care engineers. CARE is broad in scope and complexity and is designed to innovate effectively across diverse communities through the effective design of engineering technologies that increase positive peace.